Saturday December 9th

Guided Tour Times:

5:00PM & 7:00PM

Tour includes 3 floors - main floor living spaces, restored gold gilded dining hall, 13 bedrooms, private staircase, indoor swimming pool, and Spanish courtyard.

Experience Sydonie Mansion after sunset, when the rooms begin to glow with hundreds of holiday lights reflecting on the gilded ornaments.

This unique evening happens once a year.

Also enjoy Holiday Music  & Treats

Sydonie Mansion is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all of our visitors. However, due to the historic nature of building and the extensive grounds, visitors may experience some challenges with access.

Visitors on this tour will climb four flights of stairs and will stand for the duration of the tour (seating is not available). Because of the historic architecture, only the first flooring is accessible by wheelchair only. Any questions please call our guest services at 321-236-1534.

•••​ A Step Back In Time - Come Explore The Magic •••

Sydonie Mansion

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No spike heels please.  They can damage the original 1904 floors.

Not recommended for infants and toddlers. No stroller access.

Ticket: $30.00 Per Person